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Bronkhofibroskop FB-18V (fibrobronkhoskop)
  • Bronkhofibroskop FB-18V (fibrobronkhoskop)
  • Bronkhofibroskop FB-18V (fibrobronkhoskop)

Bronkhofibroskop FB-18V (fibrobronkhoskop)

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Bronkhofibroskop FB - 18V

Bronchoscope scopes

Bronkhoskopiya is a procedure of survey of a tracheobronchial tree of the patient at diagnostics or treatment of different diseases of bronchial tubes, and also during removal of foreign bodys from a respiratory organs, a biopsy, recovery of passability of bronchial tubes, etc. Ease and efficiency of performance of this medical and diagnostic procedure in many respects depends on quality of the bronchoscope. Japanese fibrobronkhoskop Pentax FB - 18V is intended for carrying out a bronkhoskopiya at adults and at children. Unlike the standard bronchoscopes used to this procedure, the FB - 18V model offers a set of considerable innovations.

First, in this gastroscope the number of photoconductive fibers is increased by 40% . Thus, the picture transferred to the operator becomes much sharper and more accurate that together with wide viewing angle not only increases the accuracy of the carried - out actions of the doctor, but also reduces load of his sight. Secondly, the distal end of the Pentax FB - 18V bronchoscope is processed by special electric insulation material that allows to use the tool in a countershock. Thirdly, diameter of the worker of the channel increased to 2,8 mm provides convenient use of a wide number of therapeutic tools, including the nippers for a biopsy cleaning brushes and catheters

The important characteristic of the bronchoscope is the viewing angle and freedom of the movement of flexible part. The FB - 18V model provides a field of vision in 120 degrees that allows to carry out survey is upper also midlobar bronchial tubes, front and back segmental bronchi, lingular and segmental midlobar bronchi, an upper segmental bronchus of the lower share, and amplitude of a bend of a working tip makes 310 degrees for easy introduction of the tool to the necessary department of a respiratory organs.

Ease and safety of daily use of a bronkhfibroskop is not less important. So, fibrobronkhoskop FB - 18V has the entrance to the working channel taken aside, and the suction is closed by the special valve. The probability of a transmission of infection to the operator at such design is minimum. Besides, this device can be subjected to disinfection, both in the autoclave, and by immersion in disinfecting solution.

The bronchoscope of Pentaks FB - 18V is delivered in the standard complete set including all necessary for standard therapeutic operation with a possibility of acquisition of additional tools.

Technical characteristics of the Pentax FB - 18V bronchoscope:

  • Angular field: 120th hail.
  • Sharpness depth: 3 - 50 mm
  • Dioptries: from + 2D to - 8D
  • Bend of the distal end, up - the 180th hail. , down - the 130th hail.
  • Diameter of the distal end: 5,9 mm
  • Diameter of the entered tube: 6,0 mm
  • Diameter of the worker of the channel: 2,8 mm
  • Working length of the entered tube: 600 mm
  • Total length: 900 mm

Standard complete set of the Pentax FB - 18V bronchoscope:

  • The Pentax FB - 18V bronchoscope - 1 piece.
  • Kelectomes with the KW1811S window - 1 piece.
  • Kelectomes with the KW2411S window - 1 piece.
  • The cleaning CS6002SN brush - 1 piece.
  • The cleaning brush (long) CS6015ST - 1 piece.
  • The cleaning brush for CS - C3S suction cylinder - 1 piece.
  • The rubber valve of biopsy channel OF - B190 - 10 pieces.
  • The adapter for cleaning of the channel of a suction of OF - B75 - 1 piece.
  • Set of rings for the valve of a suction (OF - B80) - 1 piece.
  • OF - D1 eyepiece cover - 1 piece.
  • OF - D3 eye flap - 1 piece.
  • OF - Z5 mouthpiece - 1 piece.
  • Silicone OF - Z11 oil - 1 piece.
  • "Red" cover of the gas OF - C5 valve - 1 piece.
  • VF - B6 suitcase - 1 piece.
  • The maintenance instruction of Z185 - 1 piece.
  • Key - 1 piece.

The established accessories:

  • The rubber valve of biopsy channel OF - B190 - 1 piece.
  • OF - B136 suction valve - 1 piece.
  • The OF - G1 light guide connector - 1 piece.

In addition for the Pentax FB - 18V bronchoscope the wide range of tools can be put

Country of manufacture:Japan
Information is up-to-date: 11.10.2021

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