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DVO-1000MD DVD recorder
  • DVO-1000MD DVD recorder

DVO-1000MD DVD recorder

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Country of manufacture:Japan

Simplicity and efficiency of DVD record – the important advantage of this medical system of a video

Thanks to Sony now all advantages of a DVD format became available to the staff of clinics who needs record of quality images. Completely compatible to the latest standards MDD (Medical Devices Directive – "Directions for medical devices") the DVD recorder of DVO-1000MD is optimized for broad application in medicine. With its help the user can keep record and look through images in various conditions of lighting by visible and dark light. DVO-1000MD differs in a compact and strong design and usability. It allows to realize all advantages of the removable disk carrier in comparison with tape recording in the S-VHS format. Among these advantages there is a digital quality of the image and almost instant search and access to files plus low cost of the carrier and the small sizes of archive for storage.

This equipment is intended only for professional medical use.

  • Exclusively good legibility of images

    In DVO-1000MD the industry standard of compression of video signal of MPEG-2 is used. It allows to write down the images differing in exclusive clearness that is necessary for medical applications and also to optimum use the capacity of the disk carrier.


  • Bystry random access with search in headings and sections

    Bystry access to a desirable segment is provided with the simple choice from the list which is created automatically and is displayed when pressing the LIST button (List). This powerful function of random access considerably accelerates process of viewing of videos and their analysis.


  • Instant record and high reliability

    Thanks to the built-in hard drive with a capacity of 80 Gbytes record begins at once, from the moment of pressing of the REC button. It is necessary to emphasize that existence of the hard drive provides additional reliability as loss of data in case of unexpected loss of supply voltage is excluded during record or damage of a DVD disk.


  • The low cost and ample opportunities of mutual working capacity thanks to the disk carrier

    The using inexpensive disk carrier of the DVD+RW, DVO-1000MD format provides compatibility on reproduction with various devices. DVD+RW has low cost and does not demand after record of performance of process of end of a cycle. He is also ideal for long-term storage and demands for storage much less place in comparison with VHS cartridges.


  • Work with data of patients

    DVO-1000MD simplifies process of data recording of the patient on a disk and management of them.


Country of manufacture:Japan
Information is up-to-date: 10.10.2021

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