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Iskra trejding, TOO
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History of Enterprise Iskra trejding, TOO

By Iskra Trading LLP it was organized in December, 2002 in Almaty. The main partner of the company is ISKRA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. with head office in Tokyo and representations in Russia and Kazakhstan. ISKRA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. it is founded in March, 1960 and is one of the large multinational companies of Japan. The annual turnover of the company makes 55 mln. dollars of the USA, staff - 230 people. ISKRA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has a vast experience of work with the countries of the former USSR. In the mid-seventies about 30% of volume of the Soviet-Japanese trade in production of chemical industry, 90% of trade in the medical equipment and 98% of trade in medicines fell to the share of firm. Due to the active development of commercial relations between Japan and Kazakhstan in recent years, the decision on creation of the Iskra Trading LLP company for the purpose of advance of the medical equipment and expendables of the leading Japanese producers in the market of Kazakhstan was made.

At the moment Iskra Trading LLP is the sales and service representative in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of such leading global manufacturers as "Hitachi Aloka" (ultrasonic scanners) and "Nihon Kohden" (an electrocardiogram, the resuscitation equipment), "SONY" (the medical direction), "Meditech" (Holtera), and also the Pentax companies (flexible endoscopy), "Acoma" (narcotic and respiratory devices), incubators for newborn "Nakamura", antiburn beds of "Keisei", the X-ray equipment of "Shimadzu", the ENT specialist combines of "Nagashima", rehabilitation the equipment OG-Giken, etc.

Our company will give help in the choice of the medical equipment necessary for you depending on its appointment taking into account your financial opportunities. Besides, we have the qualified customer service which will provide installation, guarantee and post warranty service of all delivered equipment.



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