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Pentax EB-1575K video bronchoscope
  • Pentax EB-1575K video bronchoscope

Pentax EB-1575K video bronchoscope

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Country of manufacture:Japan

Pentax EB-1575K video bronchoscope

Video bronchoscope scopes:

Video the EB-1575K bronchoscope has thin 5,5 mm the entered tube, is simple in management and is suitable for a wide range of uses.

The EB-1575K video bronchoscope works with endoscopic video processors Pentax EPK-1000, EPK-100p, EPK-p. The video bronchoscope, the video processor and the monitor are necessary for a complete set of the minimum efficient set at least. For maintaining the database of patients, a data archive of inspections and endoscopic images, and also for the printing of protocols of inspections and images it is recommended to use an automated workplace of the endoscopist of Medical Vision.

Technical characteristics of video of the EB-1575K bronchoscope:

  • Angular field: 120th hail.
  • Sharpness depth: 3 - 50 mm
  • Bend of the distal end, up-down: 210th hail., to the right-to the left: 130th hail.
  • Diameter of the distal end: 5,5 mm
  • Diameter of the entered tube: 5,2 mm
  • Diameter of the worker of the channel: 2,0 mm
  • Working length of the entered tube: 600 mm
  • Total length: 860 mm

Standard complete set of video of the EB-1575K bronchoscope:

  • Video the EB-1575K bronchoscope - 1 piece.
  • Kelectomes with the KW1811S window (1 piece)
  • Brush for cleaning of CS6015ST, long (1 piece)
  • Brush for cleaning of CS6002SN (1 piece)
  • Brush for cleaning of the cylinder of a suction of CS-C3S (1 piece)
  • Rubber valve of biopsy channel OF-B190 (10 pieces)
  • Set of Au-shaped rings for OF-B179 - OF-B181 (1 piece)
  • The adapter for cleaning of OF-B155 (1 piece)
  • OF-Z5 mouthpiece (1 piece)
  • Cover of the gas OF-C5 valve (1 piece)
  • Cover for soaking of OE-C9 (1 piece)
  • VE-B2 suitcase (1 piece)
  • Maintenance instruction of S003 (1 piece)
  • Key (1 piece)

The established accessories to the EB-1575K bronchoscope:

  • The rubber valve of biopsy channel OF-B190 - 1 piece
  • Channel of a suction OF-B179 (1 piece)

Country of manufacture:Japan
Information is up-to-date: 10.10.2021

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