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Pentax EPK-100p video processor
  • Pentax EPK-100p video processor
  • Pentax EPK-100p video processor

Pentax EPK-100p video processor

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Country of manufacture:Japan


In this class the choice between EPK-p or EPK-3000 is possible


The video processor the ERK-100r model in a set with the built-in xenon light source of 100 W, the monitor and a video rack

Technical characteristics:

  • Standard of video signal of PAL


  • Full-screen video, freeze frame


  • 10-bit representation of color


  • Video outputs: RGBS - 2, Y/C - 1, BNC - 1


  • The improved quality of the image – digital processing


  • Autolock - of 1/250 sec.


  • Microprocessor management of a diaphragm


  • Possibility of instant saving the image on a flash carrier.


  • The separate switch for network and for a lamp that allows to switch off a lamp between procedures


  • There is a lamp operating time indicator - green: 0-150 hour, yellow: 150-200 hour, red: more 200th hour


  • Light source xenon


  • Power of the built-in light source is 100 Watts


  • Balancing of white happens for one pressing


  • Indication of settings of flowers is displayed in a color row on the monitor, control is carried out via the keyboard


  • There is a list on 30 patients


  • There is a possibility of preservation to 50 settings of the user


  • Management from the endoscope, programmable


  • Possibility of saving images on the hard drive of the personal computer when pressing the button of preservation of a shot (which is available for video of the endoscope) for all videos of endoscopes of Pentaks during the work with the software of an automated workplace of the endoscopist of Medical Vision for Windows



Country of manufacture:Japan
Information is up-to-date: 10.10.2021

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